Friday, 16 February 2018

My Goal

Goal: By Term 1 Week 4 I will have have 7 bits of writing on my blog  I’ll know
I have reached my goal when I can do at least one book a day.  To reach my goal
I need to work hard on  completing one piece of writing a day.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Wednesday 1 February 2017

W.A.L.T: Write a letter to your teacher telling them a bit about yourself and your holidays.  

Ruma Piwakawaka
Kaniere School
16 Camp Street

Wednesday the 31 January 2018

Dear Mr Martin

My name is Andrew

I live with my Mum, sister and two brothers

We have heaps of pets. Our horse’s are Carrot, Monty, Milo, Gorgie and Nosey.
Our Calves are Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix. Our dogs are Dai and Whisky.
Our cat is Queenie.

Other places I have traveled to are heaps of places.

At school I really enjoy PE.

When I am not at school I like to play Xbox games.

One thing I find hard at school and would like to get better at is nothing.

One thing I really enjoyed doing in the holidays was breaking in my brothers

On the first day of school I am feeling upset because I do not want to go to

Something else I would like you to know about me is I like heaps of sports.Kind Regards,


339 Kaniere Road

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Musical Festivals – Matatini

1. Tamatea Arikinui I liked this best because I liked their song and dance.
2. Te Puku o Te Ika I liked this second best because of the outfits, they were pretty cool!
3. Te Iti Kahurang

Poi Rakau

I chose Poi Rakau as my traditional Maori game because i liked it is a training game for warriors.
The aim of the game is to trough the Rakau to each other in the circle.
Two rules are don't drop the Rakau and don't hit another player with the Rakau.

I haven't played this game before but we do similar things in rugby training.

The Rules of Engagement

Top left: Xbox game designer
Top Right: Horse breeder
Bottom left: Historian
Bottom Right: NZ Defence Forces

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Ka Pioioi

I liked this waiata best because I liked the song Ka pioioi1 e Tohu aroha haukāinga E hoki mai rā Kia kite atu i tō iwi e. E rotarota2 ana E katakata ana mai rā. Pūkana3 whetero4 mai I te ihi5 ā ō mātua.6 Kia kite atu ano I tō ataahua ai kanapa7 Pupuhi ai e te hau8 Kapohia āku roimata. Ka pioioi he tohu aroha haukāinga.9 This swaying dance shows the love of your home-town people. You've come back home, to see your people. There is gesturing and laughing with joy at your return, Eyes popping and tongues thrusting from the energy of those performing. I see again your beauty gleaming there caressed by the wind, and my tears are snatched away. This fluttering dance shows your home-town people's love.

A helping hand

I could raise money by: Doing a play with my friends Organising a parade Make a history fair